Small Backyard

Within the span of 4 years, we moved 4 times and our backyard has been ever increasing in size each time. However, I am no foreigner to a small backyard, even a micro backyard, and in fact, we only recently purchased a house than has a backyard of relatively large size.

Owning a small backyard requires some additional organization, but with some zoning, you can make your small backyard seem spacious. Just follow these tips.

The zones

Zone off your small backyard into an area for outdoor eating, relaxing, and a garden. These three zones can be as large or small as you can make it. If you have a truly small backyard, there probably won’t be enough room to “kick a ball around,” but if you have children, you might also consider adding a very modest play area or a sandbox in place of the “relaxing” zone.


In the eating zone, bring in a small grill and a bistro set. If you can fit it, you might want to increase the eating area with a patio set complete with a round table and an umbrella. Add seating that is comfortable and plush by including overstuffed all-weather cushions and maybe even a bench on one side. If you are really starved for space, a square or rectangular table tucked into a corner could be a space saver when you’re not using the eating area.


In the relaxing zone, nothing beats a hammock. There are many ways to bring in a hammock even if you don’t have two mature trees in close proximity to each other. Hammock frames are widely available, or you can even bring in two single-person hammock seats. Alternatively, a double chaise seating area in a corner of the backyard can serve the purpose of the hammock and can be incredible cozy. For kids, a sandbox tucked into a corner of the yard can bring hours of fun no matter how small. A climbing area or child-sized “house” also can incite the imagination and keep kids occupied all afternoon.


Having a garden is essential for adding visual interest to your small backyard. If your backyard is minute, go for height in your garden with beautiful flowering vines on a trellis. Make sure the garden is within direct eyesight of the relaxing area to truly make your backyard satisfying. If you have the space and the determination, you can even make your small garden into a harvest-able one by planting cucumbers, peppers, and tomatoes.

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