Grassless Backyard

A grassless backyard landscape can be a beautiful, low maintenance change to the traditional turf. Grass has to be mowed, watered, weeded, and fertilized, and even after all this work, it can still turn brown. If you are fed up with dealing with your grass, a grassless backyard may be perfect for you.

Using pea gravel

One option is to remove the grass from your backyard (e.g., with a sod cutter), and bring in pea gravel. This grassless backyard option will allow you to attain a Zen-like yard with millions of tiny pebbles. When you lay pea gravel, make sure you also get a water drum to roll it flat. Then you can rinse off the dust to help bring out the gravel’s true sheen and color. A good rinse will also help prevent dust from bring tracked into your house. Pea gravel is relatively comfortable to walk on, and it only needs to be occasionally treated for weeds. In general, it is an almost no-maintenance grassless choice.

Adding plants

Whether you want a grassless backyard with a rock or mulch base or a backyard filled with plants that don’t need to be mowed, you can find anything you need for a beautiful backyard at your local lawn and garden store. If you have a small backyard, a beautiful option is to install lots of plants with a walkway running through it. This will take on the effect of an English garden and will add lots of interest for yourself and your guests.

A grassless backyard has the problem of looking overly industrial, modern, or lifeless. If this is not your style, you can still have a grassless backyard with plants. Choose hardy plants near the walkway and more delicate plants further away from it. Also be careful of where the sun is strongest and where you have natural shade. If you make good choices, you can potentially have a low-maintenance grassless backyard that grows and becomes more beautiful with every passing year. You might even design it to look different and interesting with every season.

Not everyone chooses a grassless backyard to avoid maintenance. Grass requires a lot of work with little payoff, whereas a pea gravel backyard can be sleek and modern and work-free and a plant-filled backyard can be a gorgeous retreat. Depending on the size, grade, layout, and level of use of your current backyard, you can decide which option works best for you.

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