Backyard Waterfalls

Many people these days are interested in installing water features in their backyards as well as their front yards. Backyard waterfalls emit naturally relaxing sounds and can be installed without enormous expense and with minimal maintenance. Running water has a calming effect on almost anyone, and a backyard waterfall is a great investment.


If you moved to a lot that has a natural stream running through it, you might be able to retrofit a natural waterfall with some additional stones and some digging. Most of us will not have that luxury, however, and instead will need to install one complete with underground plumbing.


There are many types of backyard water features, including fountains and waterfalls. Backyard waterfalls can look like the “real thing” with an upper and lower pond, stone landscaping, and a trickling waterfall. A backyard waterfall also can be a mod addition to your backyard that can be styled as a pipe bent into a rectangle out of which spigots release water. Either natural or stylistic, many people are impressed and desiring of backyard waterfalls.


Placement of your backyard waterfall is important. If you have young children, or if you are planning on ever selling (and realize that you potential buyers could have young children), you should be aware that a backyard waterfall can be a falling and drowning hazard. Therefore, a waterfall anywhere easily accessible in your backyard could be dangerous. If you have a rock wall or anything higher than children can reach, that would be a more thoughtful place to install your backyard waterfall.


You also might want to include wildlife in your backyard waterfall. Koi fish thrive when an upper pond and a waterfall feed into a lower pond where they reside. For an outdoor koi tank, a backyard waterfall can provide useful re-oxygenation, filtration, and ventilation versus a stagnant pond. A backyard waterfall also could add beauty to a koi pond and could be used by future homebuyers even if they did not want to retain the fish.


A backyard waterfall should have some sort of filtration to prevent leaves and other debris from clogging the pump. Backyard waterfalls work by pumping water vertically to the upper pond and displacing water that is already there so it falls naturally to the lower pond. Clearly, if the pump became clogged, this would be an issue.

A backyard waterfall ensures beautiful sights and sounds will abound in your backyard. You can be sure that a backyard waterfall will be an investment that you are proud of for many years.

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