Backyard Theater

For my husband’s birthday this past April, I purchased a backyard theatre for him complete with a great digital projector and a self-inflatable theater screen. We already had speakers, and with the right connector cables and an outdoor extension cord, we were set to watch backyard movies.

To set up our backyard theater, we waited until it was dusky and plugged in our inflatable movie screen and projector at the deck. We brought out a large folding table to house the projector away from the grass that had actually started developing dew before the movie was over. The projector had a white fabric screen that attached to the base with snaps. If I was really trying to make it perfect, I think I would iron the screen because the folded crease marks were visible when I looked for them. However, I didn’t iron it because I felt that as soon as the movie was done and I folded the screen, it would return to its original state.

Add snacks
We added some wood to our fire pit to roast hot dogs and make s’mores during the movie, and we positioned a few camping chairs next to the speakers so we could play the movie loud enough for us to hear without disturbing our neighbors. For sure, backyard movies are something best enjoyed by people with a backyard that’s about 8 times the width of the screen itself. This length provides about enough buffer to keep your neighbors from waking up while you enjoy your backyard theater.

The projector
I purchased a projector that I knew was capable of projecting very brightly, a large enough picture, and far enough away to fit with my backyard theatre set up. I considered purchasing a used projector until I did some reading on the lifetime of the projector lamp and found that the lamp is typically about as costly as the projected itself to replace. It’s a lot like laser printers. I would recommend purchasing a projector new because even if a seller says that there is a lot of lamp life left, it would be hard to verify that with confidence.

Sound and seating
If you are interested in putting together a truly amazing backyard theatre, you could outfit your yard with underground wiring to run speakers and provide surround sound. You also could put in a permanent, plush seating area or even a Jacuzzi within view of the backyard theater.

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