Backyard Rink

I recently heard about a friend who is installing a backyard hockey rink, and I was absolutely flabbergasted. I did not even know that was possible to install and maintain at a private residence. It turns out that a backyard ice rink is not only possible, but an addition to your forever home that can bring happiness for decades.

Synthetic or real ice

First of all, you should consider your climate in determining whether you are going to build a backyard rink that can freeze naturally outdoors or that you will fill with synthetic ice to use in any temperature. Real ice is much less expensive than synthetic ice, and if you live in a frigid climate, basically creating a shallow pond can give you an instant rink for backyard hockey ice skating.

On the other hand, if you live in a temperate climate with four distinct seasons, a backyard rink would take up a lot of rarely useable space, and the rink would be thawed for three seasons out of four. Although you could run coolant beneath the rink to keep it frozen in any weather, this would be prohibitively expensive for most budgets and a huge waste of money.

Outbuilding ice rink

If you have an additional building on your property that is empty and not being used, you could potentially use this for a backyard ice rink. For instance, if you purchased a home with stables but have no horses, you could gut the stable and put in a backyard hockey rink. Consider, however that this is a highly personalized item that might not be a good investment from a resale perspective. If you are a diehard ice skater or hockey player, however, it could be worth it.

Rather that using real ice and keeping the outbuilding below freezing, it is possible to use synthetic ice instead. This can be a great idea because synthetic ice can be used for a decade or more and then flipped over and used for another decade. This could easily last for the entire time you reside in your home. Even more importantly, synthetic ice is usable at any temperature, meaning that you can ice skate or play hockey at room temperature in your backyard or inside an outbuilding. Synthetic ice, although expensive, is a long term investment that has near the same frictionless qualities as real ice.

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