Backyard Privacy

One of the most important requirements of any backyard is privacy. If you have a swimming pool in your backyard, or you plan on gardening in your pajamas, or you want to watch a late-night, outdoor movie without the neighbors watching it with you, privacy is key.

The privacy fence

First and foremost, a fence immediately conveys privacy, and if you purchase one that is opaque and at least 6 ft tall, you will be afforded the best amount of privacy that still looks friendly from the front of the house. Privacy fences typically are made from white vinyl, although it is also possible to purchase fences made from composite or wood. Colors also vary from the traditional white and tend to err on the side of neutral, with various tans and beiges. My opinion is that the white privacy fence lends the perfect amount of privacy and still provides a beautiful backdrop for your backyard. It is possible to grow flowering vines on your backyard privacy fence or even to install mulch beds and plants along its entire perimeter. White is a great color because the fence appears to fade into the background, so you get the benefit of privacy without the cost of a glaring, ugly fence.

Row of arbor vitae

If you want to “natural look” of privacy, it is possible to plant a row of young (or even completely mature) arbor vitae along the perimeter of your backyard and allow the plants to grow into a many-foot-tall privacy fence that looks beautiful and adds a great deal of value to your home. This type of backyard privacy also tends to be more popular with neighbors because it inadvertently increases their property value and gives them a free privacy fence, assuming you share a property line.

Avoiding neighbors

The obvious way to ensure that you have backyard privacy is to purchase a very large plot of land, put your home in the middle of it, and retain woods around you home as a natural barrier to the outside world. This is the purest type of backyard privacy, and if you are willing to live in a very remote area, you will also be able to afford more land for less money. However, ensuring 100% backyard privacy can be something you regret if you ever find yourself in a difficult situation or even an emergency and cannot contact a neighbor for help.

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