Backyard Pavers

Backyard pavers can be an impressive addition to your hardscape. Stone landscaping is beautiful, extremely durable, and adds structure to your naturescape. It is possible to overdo backyard pavers, but as long as you map it out ahead of time, you can expect a beautiful result.


Backyard pavers are installed on a concrete or sand base depending on the landscaper you choose. Some landscapers even layer concrete and sand to maximize the strength of concrete and the expansion/contraction buffering properties of sand. Note that concrete will add expense to your stone landscaping project, and if you are not intending to install anything very heavy on your backyard pavers, you might not need it. For instance, a walkway can reliably be built on a sand base, whereas a driveway build on sand might end up with rivets over time where the car tires rest.

A landscaper will install backyard pavers by putting down the underlayment, making particularly sure that the underlayment is level, and building the stone patter that you have chosen. There are a number of different patterns, including herringbone and the ā€œIā€ weave. Although some patterns are more capable of resisting weight than others, the pattern is mostly chosen based on what the consumer thinks will look best.

Once the backyard pavers are laid, the landscaper will then tamp down the pavers and add polymeric sand in between. This sand works like a grout, setting the pavers permanently as well as discouraging weed growth. You will need to maintain the polymeric sand by adding your own every few years and wetting it to allow it to set. This will be important to preventing plant growth between your pavers that could potentially disrupt their level.


Stone landscaping has the gorgeous effect of immediately looking like it has been there forever. You can purchase backyard pavers that have been tumbled to look hundreds of years old. In any case, a stone landscape adds a feeling of structure, stability, and angles that your naturescape will complement. A stone paver patio surrounded with flowers, or a paver walkway leading to a stone bench in your garden can add enormous value to your backyard landscape. Stone landscaping requires very little maintenance, and although it can be an expensive up-front investment, you can expect that if you choose a neutral landscape, your money will most likely be returned to you when you sell your home.

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