Backyard Patio

With the latest trends toward bringing the indoors out, a backyard patio is almost essential. With a backyard patio made from pavers, poured concrete, or asphalt, you have a place for cooking, eating, and relaxing that will have fewer bugs (as compared to being in the grass), less maintenance (because you won’t have to mow around each piece), and sun protection (with the addition of an awning, canopy, or simple beach umbrella).


Cooking on your backyard patio can transcend the typical grill to become a hub for an entire outdoor gourmet kitchen. With planning, electricity, gas, and plumbing can be run to your backyard patio, and a stone structure can be made to allow for countertops, a spot for a grill and/or stove, and a place for a sink. Albeit expensive, an outdoor kitchen can be immensely convenient in regions where outdoor living year-round is possible. This would allow you to enjoy your guests while cooking for them, rather than being stuck in the house while they play backyard games outside.

Even if you are only interested in installing a backyard grill, cooking can be a fun and delicious addition to your backyard patio. A stainless steel grill can be like a work of art, and housed next to some chairs or even a water feature, can be a relaxing place to cook at the end of a long day.


It is not possible to relax if you are constantly swatting at mosquitoes. A backyard patio can have some posts on which anti-bug lanterns or citronella candles are hung. You could even include a bug zapper if the threat from mosquitoes was great enough. In addition to the scarcity of bugs, you have the option to sit beneath a canopy for a nap that won’t leave you sunburned. Finally, you can go outside and back inside without ever needing shoes because you’d avoid grass and dirt altogether on a backyard patio. Some of the best furniture for relaxing include a hammock, free standing porch swing, or a chaise lounger made from wicker and weather-resistant fabric.


There are many types of backyard patio; you can purchase a simple, white, poured concrete style, or go impressive with pavers patterned to any taste or image you like. I have even heard about a family that hired a contractor to install pavers in the shape of Mickey Mouse. Whatever you do, consider the resale value that your backyard patio can afford you, and shoot for something that is appealing to all.

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