Backyard Lights

If you recently build a new home like we did, it might be hitting you how expensive the landscape around your house can become. One essential if you live in a less urban area is backyard lighting. People these days demand a few acres of land for their home and the privacy that comes with it. However, you cannot truly enjoy outdoor living without beautiful backyard lights to complement your home. Backyard lighting provides safety (both from intruders and to prevent falls on your property), and it allows you to enjoy the outdoors even after daylight hours have passed. Perhaps most importantly, backyard lights add beauty and increase the resale value of your home.

Ensuring you have proper backyard lighting is essential when planning your backyard landscaping. Like irrigation, backyard lighting is much easier and less expensive when planned ahead because the electrical needs to be run to the home, and unless you intend on digging up new grass and plants, you should do all of that before you plan any of your naturescape.

There are many tips for purchasing the best backyard lighting for you. My favorite are the following:

  • Talk to your builder about obtaining an extra blueprint of the outside of your home. This will be to scale, and you can sketch in the outdoor landscaping and lighting locations directly on the blueprint.
  • Before you buy anything, go outside and walk around your property at night. It is completely dark, or are there pools of light that won’t need additional backyard lighting? Where are possible hazards that definitely need to be illuminated?
  • Write out your budget first, and only look at backyard lights that are compatible with your budget. Every factor about building a new home can be outrageously expensive if you are not prepared to stick to your budget and negotiate the best price.
  • Try to find a variety of backyard lighting that complements the style of your home but also has some variety. For instance, the path lighting should be the same finish, but a different scale and even a different silhouette than the plant up-lighting.
  • Plan your naturescape and design your backyard lighting around it. However, do not plant anything until your lighting and irrigation systems is in place and properly functioning.

These backyard lighting tips will keep you enjoying your backyard for many years.

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    Thanks for sharing this. I’m always looking for valuable resources to share with clients and my colleagues, and this article is absolutely worth sharing!