Backyard Idea

Although a landscaper can suggest backyard plans for you after looking at your lot and asking a few questions, there are tons of other backyard ideas that don’t require a landscaper for beautiful and valuable results. Backyard plans can include building a deck, installing a playground, or planting a vegetable garden.

Building a deck

True, building a deck can be a major undertaking, and you definitely want to work with a seasoned professional to ensure you are building a resilient and stable structure. Including a deck into your backyard plans allows for a seamless transition from your home to your backyard, especially if you have a second-floor-level door. Even if not, a backyard deck provides a hard surface to divide the grass in your backyard from the inside of your home. A deck can be built from composite (cardboard), pressure treated lumber, or vinyl. Composite may be the most expensive of the three, and although composite has many good reviews, my personal experience is that it is very subject to warping in the elements. I am particularly drawn to vinyl because it is maintenance free and long-lasting. However, it does not have the “natural” look of wood grain, and therefore is not the best choice for everyone.

Installing a playground

If you have young children, and especially if you and your children live somewhere with lots of other kids, playgrounds and sprinklers are some of the best things you can purchase. Sprinklers are great for cooling kids off in the summer without the danger of swimming pools. Playgrounds are virtually essential to kids during their childhood years; particularly before they are school age. Playing in a playground allows children to exercise, practice social skills with other children, and have fun. Incorporating a playground into your backyard plans is therefore one of the best moves you can make as a parent.

Planting a garden

There are many pros to including a garden in your backyard ideas. Depending on what you grow, gardens can allow for much cheaper, and more delicious, produce that you could ever buy at a supermarket. Gardening is relaxing, but is also great exercise. And for children, gardening is a great tool for teaching responsibility and helping kids learn about nature.

Whatever you chose as your backyard ideas, keep in mind that packing too many activities into your backyard can make it seem like and overwhelming place. Incorporate the backyard ideas that appeal most to you while still leaving a little room to kick a ball around.

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