Backyard Home

Building a backyard home can be as simple as dragging out a few boxes for the kids to build a fort with or as complex as building a multi-tiered tree house or purchasing a small scale Victorian for the kids. Regardless of your budget, backyard homes are great places for kids to exercise their imagination.

Lowest budget, lowest skill level

Bringing a few boxes, paints, crayons, and markers out to the lawn gives children the chance to really create a “home” that is perfectly customized to their taste. Refrigerator boxes always seem to get the best ratings from children because they are enormous, but other boxes will do. If you have not purchased anything large in the recent past, you could visit your local supermarket or big box (no pun intended) store early in the morning to see if they would give you any boxes from their shipment that day. Worst case scenario, you can purchase a number of boxes from a moving company and use those. If you do not have access to any humongous boxes, a backyard home also can be made by combining boxes with lots of duct tape. Once you’ve helped your children to create the “shell” of their backyard home, set them loose with attending to the details; drawing windows and setting up the indoor “furniture” (i.e., a folding table and chairs or sleeping bags). As long as you protect their backyard home from precipitation, it should afford them a few weeks of fun, imaginative play.

Mid-budget, highest skill level

If you are lucky enough to have (1) a mature, strong, and stable tree on your property with the capacity to support a tree house; and (2) the skill level to build such a structure, then you are well on your way to making your child’s every dream come true. Children love tree houses, and a well built one could last until your youngest child is a teenager. From housing clubs to being a rainy day retreat, tree houses are a backyard luxury home. For the novice who is worried about the safety of any structure he or she could build, it would be possible to work with a contractor and/or architect just like any other small building. For smaller budgets, it is also possible to find tree house plans online. With the right tools, precautions, and materials, a tree house can make the perfect backyard home.

Highest budget

Just a quick note on a third option for a backyard home: the fully assembled, small scale house. These come with all the trimmings and cost thousands. They are perfect for the person with a very large budget who wants their backyard to look like a stunning English garden complete with a miniature backyard home.

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