Backyard Furniture

Ensuring that you have adequate, durable, and comfortable backyard furniture for seating and enjoying outdoor meals is one of the most important elements of your landscaping plan. Consider using backyard furniture that is made from extremely hard woods such as teak. These types of furniture will be a larger investment at first, but will last a lifetime if properly oiled and maintained.

  1. The first consideration when planning your backyard furniture purchase is climate. Do you live in a region with four defined seasons? You should consider not only all weather furniture, fitted covers for winter, and a shade-providing canopy for summer.
  2. Your second consideration should be budget. With backyard furniture, you should not compromise too much on price, and if your budget it limited, you should instead plan on purchasing one or two pieces a year until you have a beautiful, finished patio set. That said, you should also try to negotiate aggressively for a great deal. One tip is to shop after Independence Day when dealers begin clearing out their inventory in preparation for their winter/Christmas showcase.
  3. Your third consideration is seating quantity. If you live in a remote area and only want seating for yourself and partner, you should choose a very different set of backyard furniture than a person who entertains often, eats meals outdoors, and needs seating for adults and children of all ages.
  4. Finally, you should think of seating quality. Besides choosing durable hardwoods for your outdoor furniture set, you also want it to look welcoming and feel comfortable. Therefore, it is useful to purchase a few sets of thick, all-weather chair and chaise pads for your seating area. It is also a great idea to set up lighting around your backyard furniture and to even set off the space with an outdoor rug if you are setting up your backyard furniture on a patio rather than in the grass.

Where you place your backyard furniture is important. Although it may look nice to integrate furniture with your naturescape, you might regret such a choice because of the threat of mosquitoes and other insects. In addition, the frustration of mowing or trimming around the furniture without damaging it, and the unavoidable death of any grass completely blocked from the sun by the furniture leads to the recommendation that any backyard furniture be arranged on a hard, nonliving surface such as a deck or patio.

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