Grassless Backyard

A grassless backyard landscape can be a beautiful, low maintenance change to the traditional turf. Grass has to be mowed, watered, weeded, and fertilized, and even after all this work, it can still turn brown. If you are fed up with dealing with your grass, a grassless backyard may be perfect for you.

Using pea gravel

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Backyard Lights

If you recently build a new home like we did, it might be hitting you how expensive the landscape around your house can become. One essential if you live in a less urban area is backyard lighting. People these days demand a few acres of land for their home and the privacy that comes with it. However, you cannot truly enjoy outdoor living without beautiful backyard lights to complement your home. Backyard lighting provides safety (both from intruders and to prevent falls on your property), and it allows you to enjoy the outdoors even after daylight hours have passed. Perhaps most importantly, backyard lights add beauty and increase the resale value of your home.

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Backyard Sauna

Your backyard sauna can be the place where you relax after a long day at work or where you sit to shed a few additional pounds of water weight after a day out by the pool. Whatever you intend to use it for, a backyard sauna can be a great investment if properly researched and maintained.

An investment?

You first have to consider that not every buyer will appreciate a backyard sauna. Therefore, if you are planning on selling your home in the next 5 years, it might not be a good idea to invest in a backyard sauna. However, if you are desperate for a sauna of your own, and are willing to pay the price without seeing any return, you can plan for the most neutral-looking backyard sauna possible and hope for the best.

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Backyard Composters

Those who compost know that they can create nutritive soil for their landscaping, cut down on garbage costs, and avoid additional contributions to landfills all with a little backyard composter.

Composting in your backyard might seem daunting at first, but there are many backyard composters available these days that allow for quick setup of a functioning composter ready to biodegrade your leftover and rotten produce, coffee grounds, garden trimmings, and other degradable items. There are ready-made backyard composters that are designed to tumble and circulate the trash so it will biodegrade more evenly and rapidly. However, the tumbling element is not necessary to successfully compost in your backyard.

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Backyard Furniture

Ensuring that you have adequate, durable, and comfortable backyard furniture for seating and enjoying outdoor meals is one of the most important elements of your landscaping plan. Consider using backyard furniture that is made from extremely hard woods such as teak. These types of furniture will be a larger investment at first, but will last a lifetime if properly oiled and maintained.
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Backyard Games

For Kids

Setting up games and activities for you and your guests when you entertain in your backyard will make your home a site that people keeping wanting to return to. If you have young children and often host play dates, it is highly recommended that you create areas for childhood backyard games that are safe and ignite the imagination. For instance, a large all-weather plastic castle can make for many fun afternoons of backyard make-believe. In addition, if you live in a very warm climate, a space with rubber mulch or soft grass where you can run sprinklers would be very much appreciated by young children and can be exceptionally helpful toward preventing mud and sand from being tracked in your home.

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Backyard Landscapers

Choosing and hiring a landscape contractor can be overwhelming. Even if you obtain 3 or more quotes from landscaping companies and private contractors, you might wonder if you would be better off doing the landscaping yourself or looking up just one more contractor for an estimate.

The fact is, landscapers are not at all uniform in their estimates, and negotiating a landscape package that you believe is fair might not be enough to stretch your dollar as far as it can go. Here are a few helpful tips for hiring backyard landscape contractors.
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Backyard Pool

So you want a backyard pool? Besides dreaming about pools and selecting one within your budget, there are many considerations about safety, maintenance, and pool beauty. Planning ahead and meticulous upkeep can ensure you have a beautiful pool for many years to come.

  1. Do you have young kids in your immediate or extended family? Beyond making your pool safe for homeowner’s insurance reasons, consider that drowning is the number one cause of accidental death for children under age 6. It is imperative that you surround your pool with a fence that young children will not be able to get through when adults are not available to supervise.
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Backyard Pavers

Backyard pavers can be an impressive addition to your hardscape. Stone landscaping is beautiful, extremely durable, and adds structure to your naturescape. It is possible to overdo backyard pavers, but as long as you map it out ahead of time, you can expect a beautiful result.


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Backyard Designs

Choosing a design for your backyard before you start any landscaping is a great idea. If your home is a new construction, try to get a to-scale blueprint of your home and surrounding land so you can draw out a backyard design. Otherwise, you can make a to-scale drawing yourself with some simple measurements of your house and lot size.


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Backyard Theater

For my husband’s birthday this past April, I purchased a backyard theatre for him complete with a great digital projector and a self-inflatable theater screen. We already had speakers, and with the right connector cables and an outdoor extension cord, we were set to watch backyard movies.

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Small Backyard

Within the span of 4 years, we moved 4 times and our backyard has been ever increasing in size each time. However, I am no foreigner to a small backyard, even a micro backyard, and in fact, we only recently purchased a house than has a backyard of relatively large size.

Owning a small backyard requires some additional organization, but with some zoning, you can make your small backyard seem spacious. Just follow these tips.

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Big Backyard

If you have a big backyard, consider yourself lucky. It is not important to save space or be strictly organized, and a big backyard can allow for gorgeous views and a perception of endless spaciousness. On the other hand, a big backyard can be big cost and big maintenance.


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Backyard Patio

With the latest trends toward bringing the indoors out, a backyard patio is almost essential. With a backyard patio made from pavers, poured concrete, or asphalt, you have a place for cooking, eating, and relaxing that will have fewer bugs (as compared to being in the grass), less maintenance (because you won’t have to mow around each piece), and sun protection (with the addition of an awning, canopy, or simple beach umbrella).


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Backyard Rink

I recently heard about a friend who is installing a backyard hockey rink, and I was absolutely flabbergasted. I did not even know that was possible to install and maintain at a private residence. It turns out that a backyard ice rink is not only possible, but an addition to your forever home that can bring happiness for decades.

Synthetic or real ice

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Backyard Waterfalls

Many people these days are interested in installing water features in their backyards as well as their front yards. Backyard waterfalls emit naturally relaxing sounds and can be installed without enormous expense and with minimal maintenance. Running water has a calming effect on almost anyone, and a backyard waterfall is a great investment.


If you moved to a lot that has a natural stream running through it, you might be able to retrofit a natural waterfall with some additional stones and some digging. Most of us will not have that luxury, however, and instead will need to install one complete with underground plumbing.


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Backyard Lawn

Maintaining your backyard grass is just as important as planting it in the first place. When we installed sod in our front and backyards last year, it was an extremely arduous task that required a large expense of more than $1,000, lots of hands-on contributions from friends and family, and three weeks of dedicated watering until the lawn rooted.

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Backyard Idea

Although a landscaper can suggest backyard plans for you after looking at your lot and asking a few questions, there are tons of other backyard ideas that don’t require a landscaper for beautiful and valuable results. Backyard plans can include building a deck, installing a playground, or planting a vegetable garden.

Building a deck

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Backyard Home

Building a backyard home can be as simple as dragging out a few boxes for the kids to build a fort with or as complex as building a multi-tiered tree house or purchasing a small scale Victorian for the kids. Regardless of your budget, backyard homes are great places for kids to exercise their imagination.

Lowest budget, lowest skill level

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Backyard Privacy

One of the most important requirements of any backyard is privacy. If you have a swimming pool in your backyard, or you plan on gardening in your pajamas, or you want to watch a late-night, outdoor movie without the neighbors watching it with you, privacy is key.

The privacy fence

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